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Monday, December 31, 2012

DC Now Radio Announces Top Conversations LIVE Shows of 2012

Conversations Media Group is pleased to announce that DC Now Radio ( has released its 5 most popular interviews from Conversations LIVE:

  1. Taylor Hicks --- over 20,000 listeners
  2. Teairra Mari 
  3. Dionne Warwick
  4. Byron Cage 
  5. Ruben Studdard 

Founded by celebrity photographer Anthony Tilghman in April 2012, DC Now Radio has not only gained its own loyal following, but proved a great partner for Conversations Media Group along the way. Tilghman wanted to bring a sports & talk radio station to the nation's capital and partnered with Conversations Live to debut on DC NOW RADIO hosted by Cyrus Webb.

"It's great to see that the hard work and professionalism we try to bring to the airwaves is finally reaping the rewards," says Cyrus Webb, creator and host of Conversations LIVE. The radio show debuted on WMPR 90.1 FM in Jackson, Mississippi in July 2003 and has since become the popular place for individuals of all walks of life to come and share their stories with the world and showcase what is possible. DC NOW RADIO has over 1,000 daily listeners and over 10,000 viewers per week on the website.

The radio station also broadcasts Washington D.C. sports games live on the website including live streams from the Washington Capitals & upcoming Washington Redskins games. The first show from Conversations LIVE to debut on DC Now Radio was with American Idol winner and platinum-selling recording artist Taylor Hicks. The response was overwhelming with the station's highest ratings to date. Since then guests like American Idol winner Ruben Studdard, Karyn White, actress Joyful Drake and Earth, Wind & Fire.

"This is just the beginning," says Tilghman. "I see this new partnership as a way for Conversations LIVE to really grow and raise the bar for talk radio and we're glad to have it as part of the DC Now Radio family."

Keep abreast with Conversations LIVE at Find out more about DC Now Radio at

Sunday, December 30, 2012

REVEALED: Conversations Book Club's Top 100 Books of 2012!

It is without question one of Conversations Media Group's most exciting events: revealing the titles that make up its Top Books of the year. For 2012 Cyrus Webb, President of Conversations Book Club and Editor-In-Chief of Conversations Magazine found it to be an increasingly difficult task.

"There were so many great books that came out this year it was almost impossible to narrow it down," he says. In the end he found his top fiction and non-fiction titles that he believes best represent not only what he loves about books but the world as well. Once again there are established authors as well as rising stars that are featured, keeping in step with Webb's desire to feature talent wherever it might come from.

What are the requirements for making Conversations Book Club's Top Books list? They are very simple. First books that make the list must be reviewed in print form. (No e-books are considered.) Secondly Webb would have had to have read the title by Nov. 1st of the previous year and by Nov. 1st of the current year for consideration.

Without any further ado here are Conversations Book Club's Top 100 Books of 2012:

Fiction (Listed in no particular order)

  1. "Fractured" by Karin Slaughter (Bantam Dell)
  2. "Watch Me Die" by Erica Spindler (St. Martin's)
  3. "Into the Darkness" by V. C. Andrews (Simon and Schuster)
  4. "Married in the Nick of Nine" by Alretha Thomas Diverse Arts Collective)
  5. "Tony's Tiffany" by John Mobley (FreedomInk)
  6. "Shades of Orange with Many Greens: Visions of Paul Cezanne" by by Walter E. Thompson
  7. "Who?" by Tiona Brown (DaSaint Ent.)
  8. "I Do Solemnly Swear" by D.M. Annechino (Thomas & Mercer)
  9. "Devil's Gate" by F. J. Lennon (Simon and Schuster)
  10. Yield" by Bryan K. Johnson (Bedside Books)
  11. "Tilt" by Ellen Hopkins (Margaret K. McElderry Books/Simon & Schuster)
  12. "The Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls" by Julie Schumacher (Delacorte Press)
  13. "Darling Nikki" by E. V. Adams (Strebor Books/Simon and Schuster)
  14. "Biten" by Dan O'Brien (unknown)
  15. "The Stalker Chronicles" by Electa Rome Parks (Urban Renaissnce)
  16. "The Choice" by Robert Whitlow (Thomas Nelson)
  17. "Flying Solo" by Jeanette Vaughan (Age View Press)
  18. "The Lost Daughter" by Lucy Ferriss (Penguin)
  19. "The Aloha Trilogy" by Stephen A. Enna & Dennis J. Wootten (Authorhouse)
  20. "An Echo Through the Snow" by Andrea Thalasinos (Forge)
  21. "Q Awakening" by G. M. Lawrence (Variance Publishing)
  22. "Kill Shot" by Vince Flynn (Atria Books)
  23. "Love in a Carry-On Bag" by Sadeqa Johnson (12th Street Press)
  24. "The Floater" by Sheryl Sorrentino (unknown)
  25. "Suzy's Case" by Andy Siegel (Scribner/Simon and Schuster)
  26. "The Cutting Season" by Attica Locke (Dennis Lehane Books/Harper Collins)
  27. "Alligater Lake" by Lynne Bryant (New American Library/Penguin)
  28. "How Angels Die" by David-Michael Harding (Q & CY Book)
  29. "One Dead Doctor" by Tony Lindsay (Pen Knife Press)
  30. "The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln" by Stephen L. Carter (Alfred A. Knopf)
  31. "Twisted Seduction" by N'Tyse (Strebor/Simon and Schuster)
  32. "Last Chance Texaco" by Joe Lee (Dogwood Press)
  33. "Bone Shadows" by Christopher Valen (Conquill Press)
  34. "Drawing Breath" by Laurie Boris (unknown)
  35. "Trickster's Point" by William Ken Krueger (Atria Books/Simon & Schuster)
  36. "Don't Ask Don't Tell" by M. T. Pope/Tina Brooks McKinney/Brenda Hampton/Terry E. Hill (Urban Renaissance)
  37. "Beauty to Die For" by Kim Alexis & Mindy Starns Clark (B & H Book"s)
  38. "Coming Home" by Stacy Hawkins Adams (Zonderman)
  39. "Cheeseland" by Randy Richardson (Eckhartz Press)
  40. "Twelve Months" by Steven Manchester (The Story Plant)
  41. "Damage Control" by John Gilstrap (Pinnacle/ Kensington Books)
  42. "The Last Refuge" by Ben Coes (St. Martin's Press)
  43. "Payback Ain't Enough" by Wahida Clark (Cash Money Content)
  44. "A Fistful of Collars" by Spencer Quinn (Atria/ Simon and Schuster)
  45. "Citycide" by Gary Hardwick (HardBooks Publishing)
  46. "Better Than Chocolate" by Sheila Roberts (Harlequin/Mira)
  47. "The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D." by Nichole Bernier (Crown/Random house)
  48. "Deadrise" by Robert Blake Whitehill (Calaveras Media)
  49. "Friends Forever" by Danielle Steel (Delacorte Press/Random House)
  50. "The Heat of the Night" by Pynk/Niyah Moore/Lorraine Elzia/Ebonee Monique/Lalaina Knowles/Elissa Gabrielle (Peace In The Storm Publishing) 

Non-Fiction Titles (Listed in no particular order)

  1. "The Obama Question" by Gary Dorrien (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers)
  2. "By Faith, Not By Sight" by Scott MacIntyre (Thomas Nelson)
  3. "Side-Yard Superhero" by Rick D. Niece (Five Star Publications)
  4. "Charlie" by Barbara Lampert (Langdon Street Press)
  5. "Dear Marcus" by Jerry McGill (Spiegel & Grau (Random House)
  6. "Self-Made Myth" by Brian Miller and Mike Lapham (Berrett-Koehler Publishers)
  7. "Fearless" by Maimah S. Karmo (Brown Books Publshing Group)
  8. "Lefty: An American Odysssey" by Vernona Gomez and Lawrence Goldstone (Ballantine Books)
  9. "Soul Rape" by Heyward Bruce Ewart (Loving Healing Press)
  10. "Crossing the Tracks" by Dolphus Weary (Kregel Publications)
  11. "Redemption" by Bryan Clay (Thomas Nelson)
  12. "Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic" by Hugh Sinclair (Berrett-Koehler)
  13. "Uncle Yah Yah: 21st Century Man of Wisdom, Part 2 " by Al Dickens (Wahida Clark Presents Publishing)
  14. "At the Feet of Jesus" by Joanna Weaver (Water Brook)
  15. "Dramas of a Bald Head Queen" by Nina C. Brewton (Write Right Publications)
  16. "Creating Time" by Marney K. Makridakis (New World Library)
  17. "Single Black, and Government Owned" by Omegia (O) Keeys )Passionate Writer Publishing) 
  18. "Fastest Man in the World" by Tony Volpentest (Bettie Youngs Books)
  19. "Boxing with God" by Robert Coons (USIAA)
  20. "Slow Democracy" by Susan Clark and Woden Teachout (Chelsea Green Publishing)
  21. "7 Secrets of a Phenomenal L.I.F.E." by Howard Partridge (Sound Wisdom)
  22. "The Shyster's Daughter" by Paula Priamos (Etruscan Press)
  23. "Unbinding the Heart" by Agapi Stassinopoulos (Hay House)
  24. "King Peggy" by Peggilene Bartels and Eleanor Herman (Doubleday/Random House)
  25. "Against Wind & Tide" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh (Pantheon Books)
  26. "Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power" by Jon Meacham (Random House)
  27. "Marilyn" by Lois Banner (Bloomsbury)
  28. "Fraternity" by Diane Brady (Spiegel and Grau)
  29. "Everyday Meditation" by Tobin Blake (NewWorld Library)
  30. "Journey into Thought" by Sidney Andrews (iUniverse)
  31. "Tough Truths" by Deirdre Maloney (Business Solutions Press)
  32. "Life & Love: Through My Eyes" by Ramona Jones (FreedomInk)
  33. "Growing Up Ziglar" by Julie Ziglar Norman (Guideposts)
  34. "The Sacred Thread" by Adrienne Arieff (Crown Publishers)
  35. "A Dark Journey to a Light Future" by Tommie Mabry (WestBow Press)
  36. "Embraced by God" by Babbie Mason (Abingdon Press)
  37. "Beginning with the End" by Mary R. Morgan (Vantage Point)
  38. "Get Off Your Attitude" by Ryan C. Lowe (Sound Wisdom)
  39. "Identity" by Stedman Graham (FT Press)
  40. "No Problem!" by E M Hanley (Livre)
  41. "It's Your Life: Live Big" by Josh Hinds (Sound Wisdom)
  42. "24/6" by Matthew Sleeth (Tyndale House Publishers)
  43. "Cyber Bullying No More" by Holli Kenley (Loving Healing Press)
  44. "I Ain't Trying 2 Hear It" by Melvin White (Authorhouse)
  45. "Leaning Into Sharp Points" by Stan Goldberg (New World Library)
  46. "You Can Buy Happiness(and It's Cheap" by Tammy Strobel (New World Library)
  47. "Rocky Spirit" by Felice Cantatore (iUniverse)
  48. "The 12 Principles to Wellness" by Eleanor R. (Balboa Press)
  49. "Today: A Book of Daily Affirmations" by Christopher LaKeith Price (Estrus Publishing)
  50. "Live To Give" by Austin Gutwein (Thomas Nelson)

Interested in having your title considered for 2013? Contact Cyrus Webb directly at or 601.896.5616. Follow Cyrus Webb on Facebook at and on Twitter at

To check out previous lists by Conversations Book Club or to stay abreast of upcoming literary events, visit Keep inspired. Keep focused. Keep the Conversations going!

Thursday, December 27, 2012 Announces 1st Visionary Media Award Winner

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Announces 1st Visionary Media Award Winner

Media Contact:   Cyrus Webb, Director of Pubicity
                         Nebo Media Group/ Nebo Publishing
                 601.896.5616 is pleased to announce that it's 1st Visionary Media Award winner is acclaimed filmmaker Janks Morton for his documentary "Hoodwinked".

"This documentary is a "must see" for every African American in the country," says Charles Clark, Founder of and Editor-In-Chief of Brotha Magazine. " this film shows the myths of the African American male and then reveals the truth."

"Hoodwinked" is the much anticipated and long awaited sequel to 2007 Best African American Documentary "What Black Men Think". The film addresses how some have allowed Black identity to be twisted and maligned, while also adopting this societal defamation of character as their own belief set.

Janks Morton is a groundbreaking international and award winning Documentarian. As founder of iYAGO ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC, he states “the company came into existence to reflect both the conscious and unconscious soul of Black America". JANKS MORTON has been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years and is a much sought-after teacher, lecturer, commentator and motivational speaker. He has convened workshops, seminars and served as panelist and keynote speaker at colleges, universities, prisons, conferences, churches and community centers around the world.

This award will be given annually to person(s) using a media platform to inform, educate, and inspired the our community.

Find out more about Janks Morton and his work at

Friday, November 30, 2012

Conversations Book Club Announces Its 2013 Book Club Selections

Well, it is that time again! Conversations Media Group is excited to announce its choices for book club selections during 2013 (see
"Since I began Conversations Book Club in November 2006 it has always been my goal to
unite readers literally around the world around books," says Cyrus Webb, Founder of Conversations Book Club and the President of Conversations Media Group, home of Conversations LIVE Radio show and Editor-In-Chief of Conversations Magazine. "Since its start we have hosted over 100 author events and held meetings in MS, AL, LA, TN---all with the goal of uniting men and women around the written word."

Though a fan of all books, Webb decided to choose 12 non-fiction titles for 2013's book club discussions, all in line with Conversations' theme for 2013: Living Life as a Thank You, based on the book by the same name by author Nina Lesowitz and Mary Beth Sammons.

Here is the complete listing for 2013 & discussion dates:
Jan. (01/17) --- "Today" by Christopher LaKeith Price
Feb. (02/21) --- "Journey Into Thought" by Sidney Andrews
March (03/21) -- "Not Just A Hearer But A Doer" by Yolanda Shanks
April (04/18) --- "Drunken Angel" by Alan Kaufman
May (05/16) --- "An Unspeakable Secret" by Glenda L. Hunter
June (06/20) --- "Side-Yard Superhero" by Dr. Rick D. Niece
July (07/18) --- "Empowered to Uproot the Seed of Abuse" by Karen D. Doughty
Aug. (08/22) --- "Find the Upside of the Down Times" by Dr. Rob Pennington
Sept. (09/19) --- "Blessings in Disguise" by Gary R. Ryan
Oct. (10/17) "Fearless" by Maimah S. Karmo
Nov. (11/21) "Learning to Live" by Darrick Bronson
Dec. (12/19) "Where Am I Going?" by Michelle Cromer

To add a special dimension to each month's selection, Cyrus Webb has arranged a monthly online interactive conversation about each book that will be held every 3rd Thursday @ 8p.m. et (7p.m. ct/5p.m. pt) on Conversations LIVE Radio Show ( Almost each month the author of the book will join the show live as readers discuss the book using Facebook (at and Twitter ( and the hashtag #conversationsbookclub). The show's chatroom will also be open to take questions in real-time. There will also be profiles of each book club selection in the monthly issues of Conversations Magazine.  "All of this will only enhance the experience of the book discussion," says Webb.

To stay abreast of all of the exciting updates with Conversations Book Club in 2013 visit Any questions can be directed to Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reality Star Bigg Marv Co-Writes Book Series Aimed At Inspiring the Youth

The world may have gotten to know him as the cousin of award-winning recording artist M. C. Hammer on A&E's hit reality show HAMMERTIME, but Bigg Marv is making his own moves and bringing attention to causes that matter to him.

 Since 2010 he has worked with the organization Mission One Voice, working with military families and hosting events that provide awareness and entertainment for them. As 2012 comes to an end, however, Bigg Marv is venturing into another platform in order to give back: becoming a published author.

 Partnering with Cyrus Webb, host of Conversations LIVE radio show and Editor-In-Chief of Conversations Magazine, Bigg Marv has begun co-writing a series of books called LOVING ME FOR ME. Aimed at the youth and incorporating messages about self-empowerment, self-worth and the importance of loving yourself, Bigg Marv and Webb hope to do their part in inspiring those who will be shaping the future and allowing them to realize their own potential.

 "It's been great working with Marv on this project," says Webb. "I've been watching the way he is able to interact with his audience of all ages, and I think that this is just what they may need to see themselves in a different way." "I've always been passionate about the youth," adds Bigg Marv. "The support of young people is one of the reasons I was so popular on the HAMMERTIME show. I think what Cyrus and I are doing through this series is going to show them not only what is possible but how they don't have to be limited by their circumstances."

 The first book in the series, WATCH ME SHINE, is a message about allowing your gifts to shine through. It will be released by Conversations Media Group as an e-book on Tuesday, December 11th and available for free download for the rest of 2012. Look for Webb and Bigg Marv to be visiting schools and making other appearances sharing the message of the book.

For more information about the new literary venture contact Cyrus Webb at or visit

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Conversations with Music Magazine Nominated For 1st National Award

Conversations Media Group is pleased to announce that Conversations with Music Magazine has been nominated for Internet/Print Press Group of the Year by the Rhythm of Gospel Awards.

"We are excited and humbled by the nomination," says Mississippi native Cyrus Webb, Editor-In-Chief/Publisher of Conversations with Music Magazine. "This shows that the hard work and dedication that we have given to this bi-monthly publication is paying off."

Conversations with Music Magazine began in early 2012 as a supplement to the monthly publication Conversations Magazine. It's purpose? To give a platform for nationally recognized artists as well as rising stars in music to share their stories and share how they have grown along their journey and what we can all learn from them and where they are going. Since it's debut it has featured the likes of Trey Lorenz, Ruben Studdard, Higher Authority, Israel Houghton, Freda Battle,Travis Malloy, Byron Cage and others. 

 Held in Jacksonville Florida, July 24-28, 2013 the 5th Annual Rhythm Of Gospel Awards ( ) is an annual nationally televised awards show filled with a variety of innovative and exciting showcases, choir competitions, pageants and achievement galas, bringing in over 6,500 excited, tourists, church, social and civic groups, families and business professionals throughout the entire USA, Canada, and Bahamas. 
The Rhythm Of Gospel Award Show will spotlight 52 categories of recognition through various Churches and Religious Groups, Business/Community Leaders, and Independent Gospel Music Artist, giving them the opportunity to network formally while congratulating trailblazers from various sectors of the community and music industry.

This award show is an ongoing project and after only 5 years it has already been rated #3 amongst some of the more prestigious awards shows in the nation.  This newly acclaimed show is constantly growing and is said to become one of the nations best premiered events in the country for unfound gospel talent.

Nominees like Conversations with Music Magazine will be voted on by the people. Because of this Webb will be coordinating "Voting Parties" for supporters of Conversations Media Group and Conversations with Music Magazine to help spread the word. Online Voting will start November 1, -March 1, 2013. Log on to to count your vote today and for more information. To contact Cyrus Webb, email him at or call 601.896.5616. You can also visit

Friday, October 5, 2012

(Sat. Oct. 6th) Conversations Magazine Release Event in Pearl,MS

Join Conversations Magazine Publisher/Editor-In-Chief Cyrus Webb and special guests author Glenda L. Hunter, recording artist Gutta Mane 601, fashion designer/stylist/talk show host Gail Ambeau and actor/model John Westley Dean (VH1's SINGLE LADIES, House of Payne, ATL and the upcoming movie Hunger Games 2) as they celebrate the release of Conversations Magazine Sept./Oct. issue as well as the Conversations Model Citizens Oct./Nov. issue. 

This will take place at Appetizers Restaurant (3000 Hwy 80 E * Pearl, MS) beginning @ 6p.m. 

Admission is free, however, copies of the new issues of the magazine will be available. 

For more details contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. You can also visit 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Upcoming Conference in Danbury, CT Offers Solutions to 'Firing Up' Your Life


Upcoming Conference in Danbury, CT Offers Solutions to 'Firing Up' Your Life
Contact:     Heather Hansen O'Neill
                 Fire In Five

For those entrepreneurs or individuals in sales that find themselves struggling in this economy, there is help available that can help turn prospects into loyal, profitable proponents of their company. Award-winning author/speaker and coach Heather Hansen O'Neill is excited to welcome you to FROM FEAR TO FIRE. It is a one day conference that will be held Friday, October 19, 2012 from 9-4p.m. at the Matrix Conference Center in Danbury, CT. It will give you the tools needed to get 'fired up', aiding you in creating deeper, more productive relationships that will impact your bottom line.

Heather Hansen O’Neill is an award winning speaker, author, and coach presenting to organizations and corporations on transition, relationships, and joyful living. She has helped thousands of companies and people deepen their relationships to increase their income, experience more profound love, and joyfully live the life of their dreams! She is prepared to share her proven process that will help you go...From Fear to Fire.

Those who attend this special one day conference will be able to take back control and create a more productive, profitable, and joyful life.  By day's end they will leave with the inspiration, tools, and mindset to overcome fear, discover a different way of connecting, and create the income, lifestyle, and relationships they desire.

For more information about FROM FEAR TO FIRE and Heather Hansen O'Neill visit The direct link to more information about just the event is 

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Detrick Hughes Named VP of Nebo Media Group/Nebo Publishing

Media Contact:                       Cyrus Webb, Director of Publicity
                                                      Nebo Media Group/Nebo Publishing

Nebo Media Group is excited to announce that esteemed poet Detrick Hughes has been named VP of the company.

"Detrick has become a trusted friend and advisor as we have navigated the team to this new venture of publishing poetry," says Charles Clark, President of Nebo Media Group and Nebo Publishing. "I'm glad to have him as part of the team. His wealth of knowledge and expertise is invaluable."

A wordsmith by nature, Hughes was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas. In high school, he played football and was active in student government. He graduated from French High School in 1985 where his football team captured a share of the 5A state championship with Odessa's Permian High School in 1984.

Upon graduating from French, Hughes entered the University of Houston in Houston, Texas where he received a degree in Finance. While at the University of Houston, he joined the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. He would later receive a Master of Fine Arts degree from Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio.

Having published several books of poetry previously, Hughes will be releasing his new collection of poetry "Sugar-Tooth Confession" (published by Nebo Publishing) in November 2012.

Among his duties as VP of Nebo Media Group, Detrick will be responsible for finding new talent and the creation of the poetry section for Nebo's new book blog "Lyric & Verse."

Find out more information about Detrick Hughes at To stay in contact with Nebo Publishing visit You can pre-order Hughes' upcoming release at

Monday, September 24, 2012

Darnell Davis & The Remnant Re-Releases CD with New Music, DVD


Darnell Davis & The Remnant Re-Releases CD with New Music, DVD

Media Contact:           Cyrus Webb, Director of Publicity
                                   Nebo Media Group

Nebo Media Group is pleased to announce the re-release of Darnell Davis & the Remnant's cd REFOCUSED with new music and dvd.

"Darnell Davis has shown himself to be a true deliverer of the Gospel," says Charles Clark, President of Nebo Media Group. "This new project is perfect for those who are looking to go to another level in their spiritual walk and get their priorities in order."

Davis' resume includes writing and producing for Stellar Award winning choir EXCELSIOR, Grammy Award winning Sounds of Blackness,Stellar Award winner Ricky Dillard & New G as well as James Grear and Company.

The re-release of REFOCUSED will take place on Oct 23, 2012 and will include the new single "It Won't Work" as well as a dvd.  See the video for "It Won't Work" here: 

For more information about Darnell Davis & The Remnant visit 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Conversations Magazine Release Event--- Sat. Oct. 6, 2012

Conversations Media Group invites you to its next release event for Conversations Magazine.

This will take place on Sat. October 6, 2012 at Appetizers Restaurant (3000 Hwy 80 E * Pearl, MS) beginning at 6p.m. and will feature the new issues of Conversations Magazine and Conversations Model Citizens.

Special guests include magazine author Glenda L.Hunter, recording artist Gutta Mane 601, fashion designer/stylist Gail Ambeau and actor/model John Westley Dean (ATL,VH1's Single Ladies), all who are featured in current issue of Conversations.

Admission to the event is free, however, food specials will be available as well as the current issues of the magazines.

For more information contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. You can also visit and

Monday, September 17, 2012

Actor/Model John Westley Dean Joins Conversations Magazine as Guest Contributor

(Monday, September 17, 2012) Conversations Media Group is excited to announce that actor/model John Westley Dean is joining Conversations Magazine as a monthly guest contributor.

"We're excited to have someone with John's passion and professionalism on our team," says Cyrus Webb, Conversations Media Group President and Conversations Magazine Editor-In-Chief. "The addition also adds credibility to the work we do, and I know his thoughts will be an added edition to the team."

Many have gotten to know John Westley Dean from his roles in movies like ATL, Madea Family Reunion and Stomp The Yard as well as tv shows like House of Pain and Single Ladies. Beginning in October 2012 he will be sharing articles in Conversations Magazine's monthly issue about fitness, spiritual health and things you can do on a budget to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For more information about John Westley Dean follow him on Twitter at Stay in contact with Conversations Magazine at

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Author/Blogger Tracy L. Bell Joins Conversations LIVE Primetime Line-up

Conversations Media Group is excited to announce a new edition to the Conversations LIVE radio family. Beginning Thursday, September 20th at 8p.m. et (7p.m. ct/5p.m. pt) author/blogger Tracy L. Bell will begin hosting a weekly segment each Thursday called "Conversations of a Sistah".

The name of the segment is the same as her book Conversations of a Sistah and will include real topics and bold conversations that deal with everyday issues.

"I'm genuinely thrilled to have Tracy join the Conversations family," says Cyrus Webb, President of Conversations Media Group and host of Conversations LIVE radio show. "It's been great to see how her book and blog have been so effective in stirring up genuine discussions, and I know she will be able to bring that same energy and excitement to this radio format."

With Bell's "Conversations with a Sistah" coming to Conversations LIVE, Webb has restructured the Thursday primetime line-up to make her the main focus of the evening. Beginning Thursday, September 20th the 30 min. time slot which begins at 8p.m. et will consist of a song of the week, Conversations' resident chef Bruce Tretter's Quick and Easy Cooking Segment, followed immediately by "Conversations with a Sistah". 

"There is such an excitement about joining Cyrus Webb’s house of diversity with books, music and news combined with good entertainment and great conversation," says Bell, who will not only host but Co-Executive Produce the weekly show with Webb. "My feel is the vibe is live and always merry, and my “Conversations Of A Sistah” will add great commentary. My hope is to have bold conversations, bringing real talk to listeners about true experiences from everyday occurrences that deal with a reality of issues on so many levels. I want my segments to be impactful and personable that will lead to constructive conversations well after the talk."

Make plans to join Bell and "Conversations of a Sistah" beginning Thurs. Sept. 20th @ 8p.m. et (7p.m. et/5p.m. ct) on To contact Tracy Bell email her at

Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Conversation Pieces": Magazine Release and Networking Event

(Saturday, September 1, 2012 * Pearl, MS) Cyrus Webb, Editor-In-Chief of Conversations Magazine/Conversations with Music Magazine/ Conversations Model Citizens Magazine, invites you to CONVERSATION PIECES: the magazine release event for the new issues of each publication.

This will be held on Sat. September 1st at Appetizers Restaurant (3000 HWY 80 * Pearl, MS) beginning @ 6p.m. Free wings while they last. Each new magazine will be available, and those who attend will be able to sign up for a year subscription (12 issues) to the monthly magazine for only $20!

Admission to the event is free. For details contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. You can also visit and

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

CMG Welcomes author Zenaida Roy-Almario

Conversations Media Group welcomes author and motivational speaker Zenaida Roy-Almario.

Zenaida Roy-Almario is the author of BRAGN (Be Real and Great Now) and a contributor to STEP INTO YOUR VISION.

"Zenaida is one of those individuals who realizes not only the importance of purpose but living in it as well," says Cyrus Webb, President of Conversations Media Group. "It has been great sharing her message with our audience over the past couple of years, and now we get to assist her as she travels to the next level of her journey."

Zenaida can be reached by email at as well as online at

Monday, August 20, 2012

CMG Welcomes Author Alretha Thomas to the Family

An author and playwright, Alretha Thomas is making her name through her pen. Her new book is MARRIED IN THE NICK OF NINE, and Conversations Media Group is excited to help readers around the world discover it.

"Alretha is one of those authors that knows how to tell a great story," says Cyrus Webb, President of Conversations Media Group. "I've had the privilege of reading each of her titles, and I think that readers will learn what I have: she has a talent that deserves to be shared."

Cassandra Whitmore is facing yet another Valentine’s Day alone. Her love life is as dry as the Sharpie pen she uses to mark an even more dreadful day on her calendar—her upcoming 30th birthday. Driven by the maddening ticking of her biological clock, Cassandra is determined to meet, fall in love with, and marry “The One” within nine months.

When Cassandra accompanies her cousin to a night club, her Type-A quest to meet a man is quickly rewarded by a stranger’s velvety, baritone voice asking if he might occupy the seat next to her. He’s Nicolas Harte, whose good looks leave Cassandra speechless, but not for long. After mustering enough courage to strike up a conversation, she learns Nicolas is everything she wants in a man—smart, successful, and available. There’s only one catch: He’s “GU” (geographically undesirable). Nonetheless, Cassandra falls in love with Nicolas and makes the uncharacteristic decision to move from Los Angeles to New York to be with him. But Cassandra gets a rude awakening when she discovers there’s something rotten in the Big Apple.

Find out more about Alretha Thomas and her new book MARRIED IN THE NICK OF NINE at You can also stay in touch on Facebook by "liking" and follow the book and author on Twitter at

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nebo Publishing's Charles Clark To Co-Executive Produce Internet TV Show

Nebo Publishing's Charles Clark To Co-Executive Produce Internet TV Show
Media Contact:      Cyrus Webb, Director of Publicity
                               Nebo Publishing
After finding success as the publisher of Brotha Magazine, Charles Clark of Nebo Publishing is excited to annouce he has joined the popular Internet TV show Passion In Action as Co-Executive Producer.
"It's a blessing and honor to be a part of something that is not only encouraging people of faith but inspiring us all to reach towards our personal greatness," says Clark. He joins Passion In Action host Paul Wilson, Jr. for the third season of the show which begins Thursday, October 4, 2012.
Passion in Action is an Internet TV show that equips Christians to find and fulfill their calling. Believing that changing the world starts with changing one life at a time, Passion in Action promotes people, businesses, organizations and events that serve to empower, educate, enrich, enhance, and equip others to thrive on purpose.

Passion In Action creator and host Paul Wilson, Jr. designed the program to ignite purposeful, passionate, and prosperous living. Known as the "Dream Catalyst", he is a motivational speaker, business coach, and author and has served in ministry for over a decade. 

Those interested in being a guest on Passion In Action can do so in-studio if in the Atlanta, GA area or via Skype. For more information contact Charles Clark at or 1.716.239.4370, ext. 101. To find out more information about Paul Wilson, Jr. and Passion In Action visit 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Conversations With Music: Cover of Sept./October Issue of Conversations with...

Conversations With Music: Cover of Sept./October Issue of Conversations with...:

Conversations Media Group is pleased to unveil the cover of the upcoming September/October issue of Conversations with Music Magazine. Featuring singing sensation Bo Benton, the issue highlights those in various genres that are "Living Life Independent and Unintimidated".

"With each issue we hope to not only profile great talent but share amazing stories as well," says Cyrus Webb, President of Conversations Media Group (CMG) and Editor-In-Chief of Conversations Magazine. "In this upcoming issue we do that and then some. We show people that no matter what your profession you can be fearless and success if you have your priorities in order and are ready to put in the work necessary."

Also featured in this issue is rising stars J. Rice, Heather Powell, Matthew Gray and Trenyce as well as Gospel stars Israel Houghton, J. Long, Carl Brister, Freda Battle and Travis Malloy. Webb's conversations with Grammy-nominated artists Warren G and Trenyce  as well as Willie Taylor of the award-winning group Day 26.

The issue is $6.99 (shipping included) and is available for pre-order now, officially being released on Monday, August 27, 2012. Orders can be placed at or

Sunday, July 29, 2012

CMG Welcomes author/poet Alicia Rice

Conversations Media Group welcomes Alicia Rice, author and poet behind the new book MY POET SOUL to the organization.

"I've seen and heard Alicia share her gift with others," says Cyrus Webb, President of  Conversations Media Group. "She is not only a talented author and poet but a motivational speaker as well.

Find out more information about Alicia Rice and her current work MY POET SOUL at and

To schedule an event or interview with Ms. Rice contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

CMG Welcomes author Michael F. Blake

Conversations Media Group welcomes Michael F. Blake, author of THE HOLY CITY to its growing family.

"We're excited to be working with Michael in sharing his literary journey and the series he has created," says Cyrus Webb, President of Conversations Media Group. "His is a message that I think will inspire those with a dream as well as aspiring writers as well."

Michael's book THE HOLY CITY is on sale now at You can find out more information about him on his Facebook page

To schedule an interview or event with Michael contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

Friday, July 13, 2012

CMG President Cyrus Webb Shares 1000th Review

As a lover of music and books Conversations Media Group President Cyrus Webb has found it a privilege to be a Top Reviewer over the past couple of years. This week he reached another milestone in his journey: posting his 1000th review on the popular website.

"It's not about the number of books and musical projects I've reviewed," says Webb, 36. "What means something to me is that my comments about the books and music have resonated with others and gotten them to try some of the selections themselves."

To date over 80% of those who have voted on Webb's reviews have finding them to be helpful to them in their searches. The reviews have also been responsible for Webb finding new guests for Conversations the radio show and features for the magazine Conversations.

"Some see my reviews because I'm on the Top Reviewer list and reach out to me about their own books and cds," Webb explained. "That has not only introduced me to new individuals but given my regular audience new options to explore as well."

To keep up with Webb's reviews and comments about what he is reading and listening to visit his page at

Thursday, July 12, 2012

CMG Welcomes Recording Artist DaShawn

Conversations Media Group Founder and President Cyrus Webb is excited to announce that he is now serving as Senior Publicist for recording artist DaShawn.

At a time when many in the music industry are looking and sounding like just one of the pack, R&B artist DaShawn is one of those up-and-coming artists that shows real star quality and has the work ethic to stay on top.

At the age of 15 DaShawn was spotted with the R&B group he was in (Unique) by a local record exec from G-spot Entertainment. Eventually the company signed the young group while he was still in high school. But DaShawn was more than just a member of a group, proving so in 2006 with the release of his Diary of DaShawn mixtape. Gaining attention on his own, it was no surprise when the group split in 2008 that he would begin work on his solo career.

In an attempt to display his maturity and songwriting abilities, DaShawn wrote every song on the mix tape. The Mixtape's first single, "Can U Handle It," established DaShawn as one of R&B's hottest unsigned artists. The Mixtape reached number six on and became the top mix tape of the day. On the 5th of December 2010 DaShawn signed a distribution deal with Island Def Jam Music Group and released “Can U Handle It” as the official first single of his debut album “On My Way”, which was scheduled to be released in early 2011. The Single topped the R&B charts reaching number 12 on top R&B singles. This gained a legion of new fans. Since then he has appeared on multiple radio interviews, was featured on the cover of Conversations with Music Magazine (published by Conversations Media Group) and has even gained the respect of fellow artists.

"I see it as a real honor to be a part of DaShawn's team," says Webb. "He is definitely one of those artists that is sure to continue to grow and raise the bar for himself and others."

Currently DaShawn is working on the release of his debut album and the music video to follow up the single “Late Night Show”. With well over 300k MySpace song plays , 24k ringtone downloads and thousands keeping up with him on Facebook and Twitter, DaShawn is proving to be one of R&B’s go-to guys for great music. Find out more information about the artist at , and

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gospel Recording Artist Ajae Uses Music To Encourage PECULIAR PEOPLE


Gospel Recording Artist Ajae Uses Music To Encourage PECULIAR PEOPLE

Media contact:         Cyrus Webb, Director of Publicity
                               Nebo Publishing

At a time when many are just following the trends and ideas of the day, Gospel recording artist Ajae is encouraging men and women of God to be proud of being different. His new single PECULIAR PEOPLE, released July 3, 2012, shares that message, reminding Christians of the blessings as being set apart for a purpose.

Ajae realized his own purpose early in life. The Hartford, CT native has been in love with music for most of his life, performing his own songs since 1997.

Though he initially garnered attention as an R&B singer, Ajae realized that he had been called for something more. His new music is not only a testament to the calling he feels on his life, but a reminder that the gift he has been given is not about him but the God within him.

Presented by Greater Sound Records, PECULIAR PEOPLE is now available online wherever music is sold and can be requested at your favorite radio station. For more information about Ajae visit For servicing and booking contact Charles Clark at or 1.716.239.4370, ext. 101.

Monday, June 18, 2012

As Season Eight Comes To A Close, Conversations LIVE Looks Ahead To The Future

On behalf of Conversations Media Group, Conversations LIVE radio host Cyrus Webb wishes to thank everyone who has made the past eight years of the show a success.

What began as a weekly 1/2 hour program on WMPR 90.1 FM in Jackson, MS in July 2003 has transformed into a place where six days a week individuals of all walks of life come to talk about their experiences, their journey to fulfillment and what's to come. Over the years the format has evolved, but what has remained the same is the show's commitment to providing a safe place for anyone and everyone.

"This show's success is not about me," says Webb, 36. "It's about the opportunity we afford to individuals to not only be talked to but listened to as well."

Though only half-way through, 2012 has already proven the most successful year of the show's history, welcoming 427 guests so far (up 50% from 2011) with over 300 more still scheduled to appear. For Webb, however, it isn't about the number of people he converses with. Also up are the number of listeners tuning in through the radio, and the show's newest partner

"This has been a humbling experience that gets better each day," says Webb. "This is so much more than I thought was possible for me, and I appreciate every moment of it."

Season Nine begins Monday, July 16, 2012. As with previous years, Webb will take off some time to prepare for the new season to come. July 1-14 there will be no live shows, however, featured interviews will be promoted during those two weeks.

When the show returns for the new season it will do so with a new daily line-up that will be announced on July 1st through

Those interested in being a guest on the show should contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. You can also reach him via and Twitter.

Friday, June 1, 2012

CMG Announces New Bi-Monthly Magazines In The Conversations Family

Conversations Media Group is pleased to announce the launch of two bi-monthly magazines in the Conversations family: Conversations with Music and Conversations Model Citizens.

"I am really excited about the growth of the Conversations brand both in print and in its reach," says Cyrus Webb, Editor-In-Chief of Conversations Magazine and President of Conversations Media Group. "With the two new publications we will be able to release not just more timely content but profile more individuals that are making a difference."

CMG will continue to publish its monthly magazine Conversations,however, these two bi-monthly editions will cater more to lovers of fashion, modeling and music.

The test issue of Conversations With Music was announced in April 2012 and was almost immediately a hit with over 1800 single issues sold. It features recording artist Dashawn Miller, Tomas Doncker, profile of Lady Gaga, professional dancer Michael Silas, Ally Marks, Cassandra O'Neal and others. In all over 8 countries are represented in the issue.

Details can be found at The issue can be purchased now for only $6.99, shipping included. The next issue will be released Friday, June 29, 2012.

When it comes to Conversations Model Citizens, the test issue was just as well-received and far-reaching.

Originally released in late 2011, Webb gathered a diverse profile of individuals that showed that beauty was more than just what you saw, it represented who you are.

Details can be found at The new issue can be purchased now for only $6.99, shipping included. It will release on Friday, July 6, 2012.

Webb believes that these two new editions will allow Conversations Media Group to better fulfill its mission of feeding the love of life that his readers have, and he appreciates all of those who have supported the growing brand thus far.

"This is all a testament not just of my vision but the encouragement of those who have welcomed Conversations into their lives," Webb says. "To all of those who have joined the cause I say thank you."

Stay in contact with everything going on with Conversations at Contact Cyrus Webb directly at or 601.896.5616.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Conversations Media Group Announces Spring Book Giveaway

Conversations Media Group is pleased to announce its Spring Book Giveaway to promote reading and to introduce authors that may have been under the radar. Started by Conversations Book Club founder Cyrus Webb in 2007, he sees this as a way of not only sharing the gift of a great book, but to network with other book lovers.

Here are the books that have been made available for this year's Spring Book Giveaway:

1.     "Darling Nikki" by E. V. Adams (autographed)
2.     "A Dark Journey To A Light Future" by Tommie Mabry (autographed)
3.     "Chicken Soup For The Soul: Family Caregivers"
4.     "Chicken Soup For The Soul: Magic of Mothers & Daughters"
5.     "The Immune" by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer (autographed)
6.     "The Fox" by Arlene Radasky (autographed)
7.     "The Basement" by Stephen Leather (autographed)

To participate in the book giveaway simply follow the steps below.

1.     Join Cyrus Webb's Facebook page at (If you have already joined the page, simply move on to step number 2.)
2.     After joining Webb on his Facebook page, message him from the Facebook page announcing the THREE NUMBERS of the books you would like to have if you win.
3.     That's it! After completing steps 1 and 2. Webb will announce every weekday through May 31st who the winners are.

Winners will be announced on Conversations LIVE radio show each weekday @ 6p.m. et (5p.m. ct/ 3p.m. pt). You don't have to be listening to the live broadcast to win!

Have questions about the giveaway or are you an author who would like to participate in the Summer Book Giveaway? Contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. CONVERSATIONS: Feeding your love of life!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gospel Today's Roland Hairston Joins Brotha Magazine's Advisory Board

Nebo Publishing is pleased to announce that Roland Hairston, publisher of Gospel Today Magazine has joined the Advisory Board of Brotha Magazine.

"Roland is someone that I have a great deal of respect for," says Charles Clark, President of Nebo Publishing and Editor-In-Chief of Brotha Magazine. "To have his support in moving Brotha Magazine to the next level is something that I appreciate. It is a real honor and blessing."

In a recent interview with Brotha Magazine Hairston said that he saw Gospel Today as "a continue to share what is going on in the kingdom and to disciple and create the next generation of kingdom movers,shakers." Clark believes that he will bring that same mission to Brotha Magazine as a member of the board.

Of the appointment, Hairston remarked, "The mission of Brotha Magazine is something that is near and dear to me. Men need environments where they can be honest and transparent in learning from one another and growing. I look forward to partnering with Charles Clark and the Brotha Magazine team to help serve men and equip them to lead Godly lives."

The Brotha Magazine Advisory Board is comprised of a select group of women and men who show their support for the publication and give back to the African-American Christian male community helping provide leadership, motivation and inspiration. Members of the Brotha Magazine Advisory Board are called upon to offer advice in their areas of expertise to the publication's staff on how to best tailor the publication to meet the needs of the African-American Christian male community.

It is believed that the board will be able to operate with Brotha Magazine's mission statement in mind, staying committed to targeting the African American male committed to a Christian lifestyle.

For more information, contact Charles Clark at or call 1-716-239-4370 ext.101.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Conversations LIVE Radio Celebrates 300th Guest of 2012, 3k Since 2003

Conversations Media Group is pleased to announce two milestones for Conversations LIVE radio show. Host Cyrus Webb interviewed his 300th guest of 2012 on Monday, April 30th: Platinum-selling recording artist/American Idol winner Taylor Hicks!  (Listen to the show by clicking here.)

Just days later he welcomed his 3000th guest since the show began: award-winning author Tiona Brown. (Listen to the interview by clicking here.)

"It's amazing to see how the show has grown over the years," says Webb, 36. He began hosting Conversations LIVE in July 2003 first on WMPR 90.1 FM in Jackson, MS. Since then the show has been shared with a variety of affiliates, including and

Each month over 100k listeners tune in for discussions with news makers, entertainers, politicians and individuals who have a story to share. Webb believes this is what has made the show a cut above others on talk radio. "I don't just have people on for ratings," he says. "If I am going to talk with someone I want to make sure they actually have something to say."

To find out more about Conversations LIVE visit For more information about how to be a guest or featured on the show contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Conversations LIVE Joins DC Now Radio Family In Washington D. C.

Conversations Media Group is pleased to announce that Conversations LIVE radio show has entered an exclusive relationship with Washington D. C.-based radio station DC Now Radio, becoming their premier entertainment talk show.

"It's great to see the hard work and professionalism we try to bring to the airwaves reap these rewards," says Cyrus Webb, creator and host of Conversations LIVE. The radio show debuted on WMPR 90.1 FM in Jackson, MS in July 2003 and has since become of the popular places for individuals of all walks of life to come and share their stories with the world and showcase what is possible. Webb was approached by DC Now Radio station president Anthony Tilghman about the partnership in late April 2012 and jumped at the opportunity to reach a new audience.

Tilghman, who is also a sought-after celebrity photographer has been on Conversations LIVE several times, and he knew when he began DC Now Radio that he wanted to bring the show to his audience. "I believe in the work that Cyrus is doing with Conversations LIVE," Tilghman explains. "It's obvious that he takes what he does seriously, and that is exactly what I wanted for DC Now."

The first show from Conversations LIVE to debut on DC Now Radio was with American Idol winner and platinum-selling recording artist Taylor Hicks. The response was overwhelming. Since then guests like actors Charley Koontz, Abby Miller and recording artists like Karyn White, David M and Angela Spivey have been on the station, and Webb says this is just the beginning. "I see this new partnership as a way for Conversations LIVE to really grow and raise the bar for talk radio," he explains. "The best is yet to come."

Conversations LIVE can be heard on Tuesday through Friday at for the hour and at 7:30p.m. et.  Stay abreast of everything with the station by liking the Facebook fan page at and follow it on Twitter by visiting

For more information about Conversations LIVE contact Cyrus Webb at or call 601.896.5616. You can also visit

Friday, May 4, 2012

Cyrus Webb Announces the Formation of the Conversations Media Group

(Friday, May 4, 2012) Shadow Play Entertainment Founder and President Cyrus Webb is pleased to announce the formation of the Conversations Media Group (CMG). 

Since 2003 Shadow Play Entertainment, the entertainment and promotional entity of C. A. Webb, Inc., has been the home of the Conversations Brand which includes a radio show, book clubs and magazines. Over the years hundreds of thousands around the world have benefited from the brand, and because of its reach and continual growth it has become necessary for a change.

"Conversations has really developed its own identity," says Webb, 36. "With all of the new projects we have coming through the pipeline, I knew it was time to create an entity that could meet the needs of the brand. Conversations Media Group will do just that."

Effective Friday, May 4, 2012, Conversations Media Group is the new home of Conversations LIVE Radio, Conversations Book Club, Conversations Magazine, Conversations With Music Magazine, Conversations Model Citizens Magazine and the new web show Conversation Pieces.

For more information about CMG visit

About Cyrus Webb

Cyrus Webb, is the President of Conversations Media Group (home of Conversations LIVE Radio, Conversations Magazine and Conversations Book Club) and Shadow Play Entertainment. Since 1999 he has used his love of the arts and books to create a brand that has not only showcased his own work but that of others around the United States. To date he has hosted hundreds of art shows and poetry readings around the South, garnering thousands of attendees and a devoted following.

In 2003 he began host and producing the radio show Conversations LIVE ( on WMPR 90.1 FM in Jackson, MS. Today it is heard not only in the South but online through and In 2012 over 1.1 million listeners tuned in to the program which features authors, recording artists, community leaders and ordinary individuals during extraordinary things.

Because of the hundreds of interviews he conducts each year Webb began Conversations Magazine ( in April 2006 as another platform to showcase some of the stories he was sharing over the air. Since then the print magazine has grown to include over 5k yearly subscribers the United States, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Greece and Canada.

The last member of the Conversations family was the book club ( which began in November 2006. Featuring both in-person and online meetings, it has grown into one of the largest co-ed reading groups in the United States, hosting over 100 author events and gaining national attention from outlets such as the Chicago Tribune.

Webb is currently working on a revamped edition of his television show Conversations with Cyrus Webb, with plans to begin in the Summer of 2013.

He can be reached at or 601.896.5616 or through his webpage